Braddy Farms, Mt. Vernon, Georgia, Farming, Onions


Braddy Farms was organized and created in 1966 by Gary Braddy, Kelly Braddy, and Pete Braddy. Kelly and Pete are brothers. They are Gary's double first cousins. Their farming operation began as a partnership. In 1966 their farming operation was very small. They started off with only a few acres of tobacco, corn, peanuts, and wheat. Along with the crops, they also had a small livestock operation which consisted of only cattle and swine. Also, Braddy Farms started selling fertilizer and nitrogen to other farms and individuals.

Since 1966, Braddy Farms expanded their farming operation. Braddy Farms began growing Vidalia Sweet Onions in the late 1980's. In the early 1990's they started a trucking business. As a result of the tremendous amount of growth Braddy Farms has experienced, Gary, Kelly and Pete Braddy decided to incorporate Braddy Farms. Braddy Farms was incorporated in 1998. The officers of Braddy Farms, Inc. are as follows:

Kelly Braddy, President
Pete Braddy, Vice President
Gary Braddy, Secretary / Treasurer

Each of the officers have their own distinct responsibilities at Braddy Farms, Inc. Kelly Braddy is over personnel and all crops that Braddy Farms, Inc. produces. Pete Braddy is over all of the livestock operations, and also the fertilizer and nitrogen operation. Gary Braddy is over the trucking operation, and he also handles all of the financial and fiscal affairs of Braddy Farms, Inc.

Braddy Farms, Inc. is located five miles north of Mount Vernon, Georgia on US Highway 221. If you happen to be traveling through Mount Vernon, Georgia, Braddy Farms, Inc. would like to extend you an invitation to stop by and visit.


P.O. Box 302
Mt. Vernon, GA 30445
phone: 912-583-4414
after hours: 912-583-2061
fax: 912-583-4087

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